Nyacol® Nano Technologies, Inc. – Organizational Announcement

Ashland, Massachusetts – We are pleased to announce that Mr. Chris Cimini has joined Nyacol as US Sales Manager.  Chris will report directly to me and will be responsible for managing and growing Nyacol’s business in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Chris has extensive experience in account management with a proven long-term record in developing opportunities and growing sales.  Prior to joining Nyacol, his work experience included key account management and business development at Stepan Company and PQ Corporation.  Chris is a graduate of Drexel University with a BS in Chemical Engineering and holds an MBA from Villanova University.


Robert J. Nehring, Jr.
President and CEO

Colloidal Silica Additives for Concrete

NYACOL has a long history in the development and manufacture of colloidal silica, starting in the 1970’s.  We have developed a range of concrete additives based on our proprietary colloidal silica technology.  To learn more about how our products are used as densifiers, sealing agents or for controlling ASR, select the link below.

Nyacol Brochure Colloidal Silica Additives for Concrete

We welcome the opportunity to help you determine the best product for your application.  Contact Nyacol with any questions — we are here to help you.

NYACOL® Introduces E.M. Sullivan Associates, Inc. as a Distributor

May 13, 2020


Dear Colleagues:

We are pleased to welcome E.M. Sullivan Associates, Inc. as a distributor of NYACOL® products.  E.M. Sullivan Associates Inc. is a specialty chemical distributor with over 40 years’ experience in chemical sales.  They are an independent company located in Paoli, PA with an experienced sales team, and are an important component of NYACOL’s strategy to create flexibility and value for our customers.

E.M. Sullivan will cover the Northeast region of the United States and support the needs of those customers by providing samples, sales support, product information and technical support.   We have high expectations that our collaboration will result in great success.

NYACOL Nano Technologies, Inc. specializes in the development and manufacture of practical and affordable cutting-edge solutions to meet customer requirements.  We are a globally recognized company specializing in the manufacture and sale of inorganic colloidal materials for a wide range of applications.

Contact information for E.M. Sullivan Associates, Inc. is on the Distributor page.  We welcome the opportunity to support you and your business.


Robert J. Nehring, Jr.
President and CEO

NYACOL® Exhibiting at K-2019, Dusseldorf, Germany, 16-23 October 2019

The K Show is just around the corner and is the most important international exhibition with visitors and participants from over 160 countries.  It is designed for manufacturers specializing in:

  • packaging;
  • chemicals and additives;
  • automotive/aerospace;
  • rubber production / natural rubber processing;
  • construction;
  • electrical engineering & electronics.

This will be NYACOL’s second time exhibiting and we are proud to be a co-exhibitor with the Nordmann Group.   NYACOL specializes in submicron-sized inorganic high performance additives which find use in a variety of applications including:

  • halogen and halogen-free flame retardant systems;
  • intumescent FR systems;
  • coatings;
  • adhesives;
  • thermoplastic and thermoset resin systems;
  • foam applications;
  • laser marking;
  • bottle blowing, molding and thermoforming;
  • UV/IR Absorption and UV/IR Blocking;
  • high performance antiblocking;
  • PE and PP films.

Come visit us in Hall 5 / D17 from October 16 – 19, 2019!

NYACOL® Introduces its First Clear, Fast Reheat Masterbatch Product for PET – SN902-MB

Ashland, Massachusetts – Nyacol® Nano Technologies, Inc. is pleased to introduce SN902-MB as the first clear fast reheat masterbatch product for PET in the company’s product portfolio.  SN902-MB complements our current clear fast reheat additive portfolio and our nano-structured powders for PET synthesis.  The SN902-MB utilizes a unique Nyacol technology for preparing nano-dispersed metal oxides in engineering thermoplastics.  Clear fast reheat additives provide energy savings and production rate increase in ISBM processes.


SN902-MB changes the way that PET preform makers and bottle blow molders can address their clear fast reheat requirements.  SN902-MB is added at the preform production stage and can be dosed to meet a particular reheat objective for the bottle design.  SN902-MB is pre-crystallized so it can be added to the PET resin being dried before use.  The use of SN902-MB enables the preform producer to optimize the performance of the system. PET preforms and bottles were prepared at PTI to demonstrate the performance of the Nyacol additive masterbatch.  The results show no increase in haze or color while achieving target energy savings, demonstrating that the Nyacol additive is a true breakthrough in clear fast reheat technology.


SN902-MB can also be used to produce PET fibers for technical fabrics.  The IR absorbing property of the additive enables the production of fibers and resulting fabrics with excellent thermal performance.  The nano size of the additive enables the production of sub 1 denier microfibers.

In PET film, SN902-MB can be used to improve the heating uniformity of BOPET and also to provide IR blocking and absorption in PET films.  The standard masterbatch is 1% active as the use levels are low.  We have demonstrated up to 10% active is possible and can be supplied if the application requires high loadings.

Approval from the FDA:

Nyacol’s antimony tin oxide PET resin additive product suite includes:   Nyacol SN902, SN903, and now SN902-MB which have all received FDA approval.  These grades may be safely used as a component of or for use in, food packaging articles in authorized PET polymers at levels up to 0.05% weight.

Contact Nyacol for a free sample of SN902-MB and to request a technical report on the PET bottle evaluation.

NYACOL® to Exhibit at Ceramics Expo 2019

ASHLAND, MA – NYACOL® Nano Technologies, Inc. will be exhibiting at the 2019 Ceramics Expo at the IX Center in Cleveland for the 5th consecutive year.  We will be showcasing our new ultra high purity colloidal silica products, our latest lithium stabilized colloidal silica,  and our latest innovations in yttria stabilized zirconia sols.  Please come visit us at booth 343 to discuss your requirements for colloidal metal oxide sols and high surface area powders.

NYACOL® will exhibit at the European Coatings Show 2019 (EC Show) – Nuremberg, Germany March 19 – 21, 2019

Ashland, MA – NYACOL® Nano Technologies, Inc. is excited to co-exhibit with Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH once again at Exhibition Center, 90471, Nuremberg, Germany.   The EC Show is one of the most important and largest coatings show in the world.

NYACOL manufactures a range of highly functional, nanoscale solutions for assorted coating applications.

  • Scratch resistant coatings/antiblock coatings
  • High refractive index coatings
  • IR absorbing/blocking coatings
  • Flame retardant coatings
  • Concrete coatings
  • UV blocking coatings
  • Thermal barrier coatings
  • Paper coatings
  • Lithium ion battery separator coatings

Please come visit us in Hall B4, Stand 4-640 to discuss our products.

NYACOL® to Exhibit at Neo Functional Materials 2019, Tokyo Japan

ASHLAND, MA – NYACOL® Nano Technologies, Inc. is excited to announce it will again participate in nano tech 2019 from January 30 – February 1, 2019 at Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo Japan, East Halls 2-3 and Conference Tower.  This year, Nyacol will co-exhibit with Tokyo Kogyo Boyeki Shokai (TKBS) in the neo functional materials exhibition in the Materials Zone and will be located in Booth 2N-16.

Nyacol representatives will be available to discuss the latest Nyacol innovations in colloidal metal oxides and answer your application questions.  We will be showcasing our latest developments in materials such as silica, alumina, zirconia and tin oxide and their applications.

We look forward to meeting you and encourage you to visit us in Booth 2N-16. We have a lot to show you!

NYACOL® Introduces LiSol™ 3 to its Existing Line of Lithium-based Concrete Surface Treatment Products

Ashland, Massachusetts – NYACOL® Nano Technologies, Inc., a leading global supplier of colloidal materials, is pleased to announce the introduction of LiSol 3, lithium stabilized colloidal silica. LiSol 3 is used as a concrete densifier and provides the best abrasion resistance on the market today.  LiSol 3 is 3 nm colloidal silica and is the highest surface area lithium stabilized colloidal silica currently on the market.  Concrete Coatings

Abrasion resistance testing was conducted by Element Materials Technology of Saint Paul, Minnesota.  We compared the leading sodium silicate based sealer in the United States to the Nyacol products – LiSol 3, LiSol 6, and LiSil 4.1 – and the Nyacol products provided performance and cost advantages over the commercial reference. LiSol 3 provided fast curing and the best improvement in abrasion resistance.

LiSol 3 complements our existing line of products:

  • LiSil 4.1 – lithium silicate.
  • LiSol 6 – 6 nanometer lithium stabilized colloidal silica.
  • Nyalith – Acrylic based sealer with lithium stabilized 20 nm colloidal silica.

Nyacol’s lithium stabilized colloidal silicas have outstanding chemical purity and can also be used in other applications where a lithium based colloidal silica binder is of interest.

For more information about these products or to request a sample, please Contact Us.

NYACOL® to Exhibit at Ceramics Expo May 1-3, 2018

ASHLAND, MA – NYACOL® Nano Technologies, Inc. will exhibit for the fourth consecutive year at the Ceramics Expo on May 1 – 3, 2018.  Exhibits and conferences will take place at the International Exposition Center in Cleveland, Ohio.   Your pass to participate is FREE by registering online at http://www.ceramicsexpousa.com.

Ceramics Expo is the leading technical industry venue in North America to showcase the latest raw materials, ceramic components and manufacturing innovations.  Some new features this year include Ceramic Industry BenchPress which is a live networking polling event, Product Showcase which has live demonstrations on the latest developments in ceramics and Innovation Trail – a trail across the show floor designed to layout some of the latest cutting edge technologies and solutions.

NYACOL develops and manufactures fine particle metal oxides and specializes in sub-200 nm metal oxides and mixed metal oxide materials in the form of dispersions and high surface area powders. Our products include aluminum oxide, cerium oxide, silicon dioxide, tin oxide, titanium dioxide, yttrium oxide, zinc oxide, and zirconium oxide as well as rare earth materials. Applications include investment casting, coatings, sintering aids, refractory binders, catalysts and polishing abrasives.

NYACOL will be available to work with you, discuss opportunities and help you understand how our nanoscale materials can help in your application.  Please be sure to visit us in Booth 343.