NYACOL® Introduces LiSol™ 3 to its Existing Line of Lithium-based Concrete Surface Treatment Products

Ashland, Massachusetts – NYACOL® Nano Technologies, Inc., a leading global supplier of colloidal materials, is pleased to announce the introduction of LiSol 3, lithium stabilized colloidal silica. LiSol 3 is used as a concrete densifier and provides the best abrasion resistance on the market today.  LiSol 3 is 3 nm colloidal silica and is the highest surface area lithium stabilized colloidal silica currently on the market.  Concrete Coatings

Abrasion resistance testing was conducted by Element Materials Technology of Saint Paul, Minnesota.  We compared the leading sodium silicate based sealer in the United States to the Nyacol products – LiSol 3, LiSol 6, and LiSil 4.1 – and the Nyacol products provided performance and cost advantages over the commercial reference. LiSol 3 provided fast curing and the best improvement in abrasion resistance.

LiSol 3 complements our existing line of products:

  • LiSil 4.1 – lithium silicate.
  • LiSol 6 – 6 nanometer lithium stabilized colloidal silica.
  • Nyalith – Acrylic based sealer with lithium stabilized 20 nm colloidal silica.

Nyacol’s lithium stabilized colloidal silicas have outstanding chemical purity and can also be used in other applications where a lithium based colloidal silica binder is of interest.

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