NYACOL® Introduces its First Clear, Fast Reheat Masterbatch Product for PET – SN902-MB

Ashland, Massachusetts – Nyacol® Nano Technologies, Inc. is pleased to introduce SN902-MB as the first clear fast reheat masterbatch product for PET in the company’s product portfolio.  SN902-MB complements our current clear fast reheat additive portfolio and our nano-structured powders for PET synthesis.  The SN902-MB utilizes a unique Nyacol technology for preparing nano-dispersed metal oxides in engineering thermoplastics.  Clear fast reheat additives provide energy savings and production rate increase in ISBM processes.


SN902-MB changes the way that PET preform makers and bottle blow molders can address their clear fast reheat requirements.  SN902-MB is added at the preform production stage and can be dosed to meet a particular reheat objective for the bottle design.  SN902-MB is pre-crystallized so it can be added to the PET resin being dried before use.  The use of SN902-MB enables the preform producer to optimize the performance of the system. PET preforms and bottles were prepared at PTI to demonstrate the performance of the Nyacol additive masterbatch.  The results show no increase in haze or color while achieving target energy savings, demonstrating that the Nyacol additive is a true breakthrough in clear fast reheat technology.


SN902-MB can also be used to produce PET fibers for technical fabrics.  The IR absorbing property of the additive enables the production of fibers and resulting fabrics with excellent thermal performance.  The nano size of the additive enables the production of sub 1 denier microfibers.

In PET film, SN902-MB can be used to improve the heating uniformity of BOPET and also to provide IR blocking and absorption in PET films.  The standard masterbatch is 1% active as the use levels are low.  We have demonstrated up to 10% active is possible and can be supplied if the application requires high loadings.

Approval from the FDA:

Nyacol’s antimony tin oxide PET resin additive product suite includes:   Nyacol SN902, SN903, and now SN902-MB which have all received FDA approval.  These grades may be safely used as a component of or for use in, food packaging articles in authorized PET polymers at levels up to 0.05% weight.

Contact Nyacol for a free sample of SN902-MB and to request a technical report on the PET bottle evaluation.

NYACOL® to Exhibit at Ceramics Expo 2019

ASHLAND, MA – NYACOL® Nano Technologies, Inc. will be exhibiting at the 2019 Ceramics Expo at the IX Center in Cleveland for the 5th consecutive year.  We will be showcasing our new ultra high purity colloidal silica products, our latest lithium stabilized colloidal silica,  and our latest innovations in yttria stabilized zirconia sols.  Please come visit us at booth 343 to discuss your requirements for colloidal metal oxide sols and high surface area powders.