Nyacol News: additives

NYACOL® Introduces its First Clear, Fast Reheat Masterbatch Product for PET – SN902-MB

Ashland, Massachusetts – Nyacol® Nano Technologies, Inc. is pleased to introduce SN902-MB as the first clear fast reheat masterbatch product for PET in the company’s product portfolio.  SN902-MB complements our current clear fast reheat additive portfolio and our nano-structured powders for PET synthesis.  The SN902-MB utilizes a unique Nyacol technology for preparing nano-dispersed metal oxides […]

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Clear Fast Reheat (CFR)

PET bottles are produced by injection stretch blow molding of preforms.  The preforms are heated using quartz infrared heaters which have a maximum peak output at 1100 – 1200 nm.  Since PET absorbs this wavelength poorly, additives are put into the PET to improve the absorption of this energy.  These additives are typically carbon black, […]

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