Nyacol News: Applications

Colloidal Silica Additives for Concrete

NYACOL has a long history in the development and manufacture of colloidal silica, starting in the 1970’s.  We have developed a range of concrete additives based on our proprietary colloidal silica technology.  To learn more about how our products are used as densifiers, sealing agents or for controlling ASR, select the link below. Nyacol Brochure […]

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NYACOL® Introduces LiSol™ 3 to its Existing Line of Lithium-based Concrete Surface Treatment Products

Ashland, Massachusetts – NYACOL® Nano Technologies, Inc., a leading global supplier of colloidal materials, is pleased to announce the introduction of LiSol 3, lithium stabilized colloidal silica. LiSol 3 is used as a concrete densifier and provides the best abrasion resistance on the market today.  LiSol 3 is 3 nm colloidal silica and is the […]

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NYACOL Transparent High Refractive Index Sols

Transparent high refractive index materials are of interest as a coating additive for reducing reflection loss in a number of technologically important applications such as coatings for TFT/LCD displays, lens coating and LED lighting. NYACOL offers five material types which are relatively high in refractive index and the particle size is small enough that the […]

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Clear Fast Reheat (CFR)

PET bottles are produced by injection stretch blow molding of preforms.  The preforms are heated using quartz infrared heaters which have a maximum peak output at 1100 – 1200 nm.  Since PET absorbs this wavelength poorly, additives are put into the PET to improve the absorption of this energy.  These additives are typically carbon black, […]

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