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NYACOL® Introduces LiSol™ 3 to its Existing Line of Lithium-based Concrete Surface Treatment Products

Ashland, Massachusetts – NYACOL® Nano Technologies, Inc., a leading global supplier of colloidal materials, is pleased to announce the introduction of LiSol 3, lithium stabilized colloidal silica. LiSol 3 is used as a concrete densifier and provides the best abrasion resistance on the market today.  LiSol 3 is 3 nm colloidal silica and is the […]

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NYACOL Transparent High Refractive Index Sols

Transparent high refractive index materials are of interest as a coating additive for reducing reflection loss in a number of technologically important applications such as coatings for TFT/LCD displays, lens coating and LED lighting. NYACOL offers five material types which are relatively high in refractive index and the particle size is small enough that the […]

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Clear Fast Reheat (CFR)

PET bottles are produced by injection stretch blow molding of preforms.  The preforms are heated using quartz infrared heaters which have a maximum peak output at 1100 – 1200 nm.  Since PET absorbs this wavelength poorly, additives are put into the PET to improve the absorption of this energy.  These additives are typically carbon black, […]

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