Transparent IR Absorbers and Antistatic Additives

NYACOL® offers two types of materials as transparent IR absorbers and antistatic additives; antimony doped tin oxide and indium tin oxide. These materials are supplied as 50-80 nm dispersions in several types of carriers and provide high visible transparency, IR absorption, and conductive/antistatic performance in films.

We have also developed masterbatches of the SN902 type material in PE and PP. Uses include agricultural film for controlling solar input and heat loss at night, improved reheat in thermoformed sheet and improved laser marking of polyolefin based materials.

Looking for More Options?

In some cases our standard materials are not suitable for a customer’s particular application, or a different composition is required. In these cases, we will consider a custom development project with our customers. We generally proceed under a Non-Disclosure Agreement and we will do the project in such a way that the material can be readily scaled up.

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