NYACOL® Develops Ultra High Purity Colloidal Silica Series, NexSil™ DP7500

ASHLAND, MA – NYACOL® Nano Technologies, Inc. is pleased to introduce a new line of ultra high purity colloidal silica nanomaterials known as the NexSil DP7500 series.   These products are available in particle sizes of 25 nm (DP7525), 60 nm (DP7560) and 100 nm (DP7590) and are being produced using proprietary technology.  The products are low in viscosity and relatively narrow in particle size distribution.

Applications include silicon wafer polishing slurries, CMP slurries, catalyst raw materials, chromatography packing, and binders for advanced ceramic systems where the ultra high purity is required.

NexSil DP7500 series ultra high purity colloidal silica sols are supplied at pH 8 and are non-hazardous. All metals present are less than 1 ppm total and most metals are in the 50 – 100 ppb range.

Please contact NYACOL to request a sample or with questions regarding which ultra high purity silica product will best support your specific application.

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