NYACOL® TiSol A, Colloidal Titanium Dioxide is Non-Corrosive

NYACOL® Nano Technologies, Inc. is very pleased to announce a classification change to NYACOL TiSol A from corrosive to non-corrosive. We now have conclusive data (Corrositex) supporting this important reclassification.

Corrositex is an in vitro method used to determine the dermal corrosive potential of chemicals and chemical mixtures. Therefore, while TiSol A mixture has a typical pH of 1.5, we can safely and confidently market this product as non-corrosive. This determination also means that the material does not meet the dangerous goods criteria with regard to transport or handling.

NYACOL TiSol A is designed for use in coatings and catalyst applications, but is also used effectively as a transparent UV absorber. The product has excellent transparency attributes due to its small particle size.

For information regarding NYACOL TiSol A or for other product recommendations, please call us at 1-508-881-2220.

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