Sample Request

In order for us to respond to you promptly, please complete the form. All fields are required unless otherwise noted. If you prefer to provide this information off-line, or if you have questions please contact customer service at 508-881-2220.

Please provide us with a shipping account number to cover shipping charges. If you do not have one, we will prepay the freight and add this to your invoice.

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The standard sample size is one kilogram. For each sample there is a $20.00 fee.  A handling fee will be assessed for each order in the amount of $75.00. You may order up to five liters or five kilograms under this fee. Any orders above the standard quantity will be considered a second order and another handling fee will be added.

In the case of expensive materials such as rare earth sols or ITO sols for example, we may offer reduced sample sizes or alternative pricing for the amount you need.

In some cases, we will waive the sample fee and request that you pay for the shipping charges only. Please discuss this with your sales person or our sample coordinator.