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Halogen/Antimony Pentoxide Concentrate 


BurnExÔ 2000-10

Nyacol Nano Technologies, Inc. offers concentrates for use as flame retardants in polyolefins.

Advantages over a conventional antimony trioxide system 

·          Non-pigmenting for light transmission and deep mass 
tone colors.

·          Physical properties are retained.

·          Nano-sized particles are predispersed.




The BurnEx™ 2000 series of flame retardant concentrates was developed for the polyolefin market. These concentrates are made from nano-sized, fully dispersed antimony pentoxide and melt blendable brominated flame retardant in polypropylene.  Processing with BurnEx 2000 yields superior physical characteristics.  In some cases, the finished product maintains the physical properties equivalent to the virgin polymer.  Cast and blown films, fine denier yarns and monofilament lines and other polypropylene materials needing flame retardancy are candidates for these concentrates.

BurnEx™ 2000-10 is recommended for blow-molding or injection molding applications. 


These concentrates come as degassed, predispersed
halogen/antimony pentoxide in 1/8" polypropylene pellets.

Standard Products


BurnEx 2000-10


4 MFI polypropylene

Halogen/Antimony Mix

3:1 mole ratio     

FR Loading



The recommended FR starting loading is 2% active FR (8% loading of BurnEx 2000-10.

Test Results:

3 to 1 letdown ratio, about 6% FR

Notched Izod (ft-lb/in) 


Elongation at Yield (%) 

8.0 - 16.1

Tensile Strength at Yield (PSI) 


Elongation at Break (%) 

29.4 - 49.6

Tensile Strength at Break (PSI) 


 UL-94 (rating)


(afterflame, sec.)


V - 2

0 - 3.8


4 - 1

V. S1. Translucent - Translucent

*Test results on 1/8-in. test plaques

For additional information or to place an order, contact

Nyacol Nano Technologies, Inc.
Megunko Road
P.O. Box 349 

Ashland, MA 01721

Toll Free:    800-GET-SOLS (438-7657)
Telephone:   508-881-2220        
Fax:     508-881-1855


Information herein is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Suggestions are made without warranty or guarantee of results. Before using, user should determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and user assumes risk and liability in connection therewith. We do not suggest violation of any existing patents nor give permission to practice any patented invention without a license.   1-98.


Megunko Road
P.O. Box 349  Ashland, MA 01721
Tel: (508) 881-2220  Fax: (508) 881-1855