Passive Electronic Components

NYACOL® offers several products for specific applications in multilayer ceramic capacitor applications. These products have been designed for ease of use and are enabling additives in the design and fabrication of thin dielectric and electrode layers.

NYACOL® ZrMin is used for precious metal electrodes, typically silver/palladium, and is used to match the CTE of the electrode to the dielectric. The use of ZrMin can allow the formulator to use a less expensive precious metal composition while matching the CTE of the required dielectric such as X7R or others. ZrMin is supplied as a 40-50 nm dispersion in Isopar L for easy formulation into the electrode ink.

NYACOL® has developed and scaled up a hydrothermal barium titanate process. Barium titanate is available as a high surface area powder for dielectric applications as BT-SD.

NYACOL® BtMin is used for base metal electrodes, particularly nickel electrodes. The use of BtMin provides a CTE match with the desired dielectric, and has been proven to enable the fabrication of sub-micron electrode layers. BT-Min is supplied as a 50-90 nm dispersion of barium titanate in Isopar L.

NYACOL® also provides nano-scale rare earth materials in dispersion form as additives to the dielectric formulations. Contact us for your specific requirements.

Specific Solutions LLC provides consulting services for design and fabrication of electrode inks and dielectrics.

Looking for More Options?

In some cases our standard materials are not suitable for a customer’s particular application, or a different composition is required. In these cases, we will consider a custom development project with our customers. We generally proceed under a Non-Disclosure Agreement and we will do the project in such a way that the material can be readily scaled up.

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