Hydrogen Sulfide and Vanadium Scavengers

NYACOL® offers inorganic materials for hydrogen sulfide and vanadium scavenging. NYACOL’s products offer high surface area which leads to fast kinetics and high capacity. The chemical nature of the sulfide formed is preferred for the inertness.

NYACOL® DP5370 is a water based zinc oxide dispersion. The high surface area of the product provides fast kinetics and high capacity as an H2S scavenger. The product can be used in water-based drilling fluids for in-well H2S control and also as a scrubbing liquid for removing H2S from gas streams. For cold weather areas, we offer ethylene glycol dispersions for temps down to -40° F. The reaction product is non-settling, making handling in the field relatively easy.

NYACOL® ZincMin is an H2S scavenger for hydrocarbon-based drilling fluids. The high surface area and non-settling nature of the product make it easy to use in the field.

  • Product Name Wt. % Oxide Particle Size Carrier Applications
  • NYACOL® DP5370 30 125 nm Water For use as UV absorbers and acid scavengers in water based systems. Download
    Data Sheet
  • NYACOL® Zinc Min 35 50 nm Isopar A unique dispersion of nano-scale zinc oxide in mineral spirits designed for use as a UV absorbing additive in non-aqueous paints and coatings and as an acid scavenger in various polymer systems. Highly effective scavenger of sulfur compounds. Download
    Data Sheet

NYACOL® MagMin is a high surface area magnesium oxide colloidal dispersion designed for use as a vanadium scavenger in combustion applications. The high solids and low viscosity of MagMin make it easy to use in coal, Petcoke, and heavy fuel oil combustion applications. For higher temperature combustion applications, NYACOL® also offers YMin. YMin is a yttrium oxide dispersion for high-temperature combustion applications where typical magnesium additives are not suitable. The yttrium vanadate combustion product has a high melting point which reduces the potential for fouling of heat exchange and combustion surfaces.

Looking for More Options?

In some cases our standard materials are not suitable for a customer’s particular application, or a different composition is required. In these cases, we will consider a custom development project with our customers. We generally proceed under a Non-Disclosure Agreement and we will do the project in such a way that the material can be readily scaled up.

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