FCC Passivation

NYACOL® has provided additives for the passivation of nickel and vanadium in FCC processes for more than 20 years. Nickel and vanadium are contaminants in crude oil which create problems in the cracking processes through poisoning of active catalyst sites in the case of nickel, and destruction of the catalyst in the case of vanadium. We provide a comprehensive line of materials in easy to use forms designed to address the issues created by nickel and vanadium.

Antimony pentoxide is a proven performer for nickel passivation in FCC processes. Our small particle product, JL627S, is an excellent choice for your nickel passivation requirements. PA550 is a higher concentration product with a somewhat larger particle size and provides better economics through reduced shipping costs.

For cold weather locations, JL20EG is offered as a freeze protected nickel passivator. JL539EG is offered as a higher concentration freeze stabilized version.

Vanadium is also a problem in FCC processes, but requires different chemistry for control. Vanadium can be controlled by passivation or trapping additives. We offer SN15 tin oxide sol as a vanadium passivator. Tin oxide is widely acknowledged as a vanadium passivator in FCC processes and has been used for many years.

Vanadium trapping is accomplished with rare earth compositions that include MgO and alumina in the matrix. We offer rare earth sols as well as the MgO and Al2O3 components for formulation of vanadium traps. We can provide customized spray dried blends on request.
LanSol is our newest development and is a water based lanthanum oxide dispersion.

LanSol can be used directly as a vanadium passivator or as the rare earth component in the vanadium trap.

  • Product Name Wt. % Oxide Particle Size Carrier Applications
  • NYACOL® SN15 15 15 nm Water For use as a binder in ceramic and catalyst applications, a passivation agent, an anti-scuff agent on glass and a potential conductor in glass. Download
    Data Sheet
  • NYACOL® LanSol 22.5 100 nm Water Intended for wash coat and other catalyst applications. Download
    Data Sheet

Cerium oxide is also known to function in FCC passivation as a passivator for nickel. NyaCAT is a cerium oxide dispersion in hydrocarbon and is available for FCC trials. Presently the price of rare earths has decreased, making our rare earth materials cost effective for passivation applications.

  • Product Name Wt. % Oxide Particle Size Carrier Applications
  • NYACOL® NyaCAT 15 nm Isopar L Oxidation catalyst.
Looking for More Options?

In some cases our standard materials are not suitable for a customer’s particular application, or a different composition is required. In these cases, we will consider a custom development project with our customers. We generally proceed under a Non-Disclosure Agreement and we will do the project in such a way that the material can be readily scaled up.

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