NYACOL® offers a range of products for catalyst applications. The colloidal sols are ideal components for many catalyst applications providing controlled surface area, small dispersed particle size, and high purity. There are many references to the use of NYACOL® sols in the patent and technical literature.

The sols can be blended to form mixtures of the desired composition which can be used as is, or spray dried to form powder mixtures. A feature of the nano-structured materials is that they react to form the corresponding mixed oxide composition at relatively lower calcination temperatures. NYACOL® operates a spray drying process and can offer custom blends of nano-structured powders.

Alumina is offered as two types of sols, AL20 and AL25 and their derivative spray dried powders. NYACOL® alumina is pseudo-boehmite or boehmite crystalline phase, high in purity and offered at two different surface areas. Typical applications are as a wash coat formulation component and adhesion promoter.

Bismuth oxide is offered as NYACOL® BI-20 for use in specialty catalysts as a sol only.

Cerium oxide is offered in a range of sols and powders for use as a catalyst component. The ceria sols are offered at acidic pH as NYACOL® Ceria Acetate and Ceria Nitrate, at alkaline pH as DP6255 and DP6255-NH4, and as a spray dried powder designated CDP for ceria dispersible powder. Cerium oxide is an oxidation catalyst and is used in precious metal oxidation catalyst formulations for wash coating of automotive catalysts and stationary emission control catalysts.

Lanthanum oxide is offered as NYACOL® LanSol. LanSol can be used as part of a wash coat formula to enhance the stability of the alumina in high-temperature applications. In petroleum catalysts, LanSol can be used as an additive to control vanadium.

NYACOL® tin oxide is offered as two sols, both of 15-20 nm particle size. SN15 is potassium stabilized and is used as an additive in certain catalyst formulations. SN15CG is ammonia stabilized and low in potassium for those applications where potassium is a concern.

NYACOL® titanium dioxide is offered as TiSol A, a transparent TiO2 sol of 10 nm particle size. For applications requiring alkaline pH, TiSol-NH4 is available. TiO2 is an oxidation catalyst and also a binder for SCR catalysts.

NYACOL® zirconium oxide is offered as a high surface sol at both acidic pH and alkaline pH and as yttria stabilized zirconia. Zirconia sols can be used as binders for catalyst formulations and can improve attrition resistance of extrudates and spray dried powders. Zirconia sols can also be used to modify the surface area stability and acidity/basicity of catalyst supports.

NYACOL® yttria sol is primarily used as an additive to enhance surface area stability in mixed oxide catalyst formulations. The sol can blended with other NYACOL® sols or catalyst ingredients and the small particle size enables solid state diffusion during calcination of the catalyst resulting in the desired properties in the final catalyst.

NexSil colloidal silica is a good choice for many catalyst applications. Colloidal silica is an excellent inorganic binder for high-temperature applications and increases the attrition resistance of spray dried catalyst beads and extrudates. Colloidal silica is also chemically inert in most applications.

NexSil sodium stabilized colloidal silica is a general purpose inorganic binder and is available in a range of surface areas and pH values. For applications requiring low sodium, NexSil ammonia stabilized sols and NexSil low pH sols are available at several different surface areas. FCC catalyst binders, in particular, can benefit from the lower sodium content of specific NexSil colloidal silica grades.

Colloidal silica is also an excellent choice as a raw material for zeolite synthesis. The controlled properties of the sols such as total alkalinity, low electrolyte, and low trace metals make NexSil colloidal silica a good material for synthesis.
NYACOL® also offers several other rare earth sols and doped metal oxide sols for specific applications.

Please contact NYACOL® to discuss your application requirements in more detail.

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In some cases our standard materials are not suitable for a customer’s particular application, or a different composition is required. In these cases, we will consider a custom development project with our customers. We generally proceed under a Non-Disclosure Agreement and we will do the project in such a way that the material can be readily scaled up.

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